When your property is larger or produces a significant income, such as a parcel of farmland that produces crops, or land that is used to produce livestock, timber, mined materials or some other product, the need for expert survey services becomes even more crucial. Farms and larger properties are often, at some point, divided among family members, partners or heirs. This division is a complicated process, especially when attempting to equalize the value of parcels that may have vastly different uses, terrain, improvements, natural features or resources.

In instances where only a portion of the farm or large acreage is being sold, bequeathed, mortgaged or transferred to another owner, a professional land boundary survey allows both parties to rest assured that the new land boundaries set by the survey are proper and able to withstand court challenge.

This need often arises in the case of a family farm when adult siblings wish to divide some or all of the property after the passing of the parents. Without the guidance of a competent boundary surveyor, one or more siblings often receive parcels of grossly unequal value. In these cases, a professional survey benefits all parties and the cost of surveying property boundaries to assist with fair and equitable division of the land is often shared among the parties. 

The real question in any situation regarding the documentation of the legal property boundary lines should never be a matter of just "How much does a boundary survey cost?" Instead, it should always be a question of how much value an expertly done survey adds to the property and how much peace of mind it gives to the property owner.