There are many situations when you will need or want to know the exact boundaries of a parcel of property and a property boundary survey by a competent, licensed surveyor is the only way to get this information. Here are a few examples of when you might want or need a survey: 

  • When dividing land among heirs to show, document and record legal survey boundary lines
  • When subdividing property for any reason
  • When buying or selling, all or part of a property
  • When mortgaging all or part of a property 
  • When ordered by the court to settle a land ownership dispute
  • When installing boundary fences between property owners ( the cost of boundary survey in this case is often split between the landowners or paid for by the party who wishes to erect the fence) 
  • When building a home or making other improvements to ensure that none will encroach upon another owner or upon any utility easements or subdivision property lines or setbacks 
  • When a dispute about boundary lines arises between neighbors ( the property boundary survey cost is usually paid by the losing party or split between the landowners by order of the court)

In an effort to avoid paying for the boundary survey cost, some people make the mistake of attempting to use an outdated survey or information such as corner markers or measurements from a neighboring property to determine how to divide their land, or where to install a fence or build a structure.

Taking an action such as this will not only cause expensive mistakes when building structures or adding improvements to a property, it could also have severe legal and financial consequences.

Building, fences or improvements that encroach upon the property lines of a neighboring landowner can result in being held legally and financially responsible for the encroachment. If an encroachment is found, even years later, you may be ordered to remove the building, fence or improvement, and cure any damage or financial losses the encroachment might have caused to the other owner. Likewise, encroachment upon subdivision setback lines and utility easements can result in penalties, fees and even condemnation of the structure, at great financial loss to you. 

Only a qualified, licensed surveying company with the proper training and tools can provide an accurate survey that is suitable for documenting legal boundary lines. For builders and property owners alike, an up-to-date land survey is the best way to cut risk and prevent delays and financial pain.